Contemporary Dance Classes 

Thursdays from 10:00-11:30am at Mi Chantli Movement and Art Sanctuary in Boulder, CO. $18 to drop in or 5 classes for $70. Sign up on the MindBody App with Mi Chantli.  

Classes in June will be led by Jesús Muñoz. Jesús (él) is a dancer, choreographer, educator, percussionist, and MFA candidate at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Born in Mexico, Muñoz functions within the contexts of Mexican Folkloric, Afro-Cuban, Cuban Folkloric, Cuban Popular, Cuban Contemporary, Ballet, Modern, and Jazz Dance and Latin Percussion. Through movement and experimental musical making, his research proposes a reclaiming of non-dominant aesthetics of native and vernacular cultures to integrate, alienate, and harness new ways of performativity: “I create music, I write and recite poetry, I sense my body, I question the foreign sense of human flesh, and augment my capacity to transcend on stage.” 

The structure of the class is designed to connect the participant with the exploration and hybridization of Contemporary, Latin, and Afro-Caribbean dance formats. Dance will be approached in cultural/vernacular, conservatory, popular, abstract, and pedestrian forms to create availability in both yielding and explosiveness, to sense both delicacy and aggressiveness throughout the entire body while connecting to ancestorial forces. We will invite & research new movement while connecting to music and culture of the Cuban identity. The class will include articulation exercises, strengthening, stretching, center placement exercises, across the floor, movement phrases, sophisticated use of polyrhythm, weight, pelvic and spinal articulation to access a full body experience. This course will present concepts and skills from Afro-Cuban (Yoruba, Bantu, Abakua, Arara), Cuban Folkloric (Rumba), Cuban Popular, Neoclassical Ballet, and Modern Dance (Graham, Humphrey/Limon, Cunningham).



The Mariposa Collective hosts coLaboratory gatherings to facilitate creative explorations between artists of different disciplines within our community. The goal of these events is to weave the arts community together, building relationships, and inspire collaborations. When the participants arrive for coLabortory, those present decide the format and structure of the event. Depending on who is in attendance, there could be a movement warm up, some theater games, a writing exercise, and then a vocal improv. Each coLaboratory will be unique depending on the gifts of the group. Check back for the dates of our next our next coLaboratory gathering!

Open Arts Share

The Mariposa Collective's Open Arts Share is an opportunity for artists to show their work to other artists and community members in an informal showing designed to inspire connection and collaboration. We welcome artists of all disciplines and look forward to seeing what you are working on!

Our Open Arts Share Event will be at the Boulder Circus Center on June 12 has been CANCELLED. Please check back agaib soon for detail on the next OAS!