Contemporary Dance Classes 

Thursdays from 10:00-11:30am at Mi Chantli Movement and Art Sanctuary in Boulder, CO. $18 to drop in or 5 classes for $70. Sign up on the MindBody App with Mi Chantli.  

April's class will be led by Mariposa Core Member Jeny Jones. Jeny weaves together over 30 years of movement exploration from classical and contemporary western dance forms (particularly Limon and Release Techniques, Ballet, and Contact Improvisation), healing movement practices of Pilates and Yoga, traditional dance forms from Africa and the Middle East, the joyful trance of ecstatic dance and dance improvisation. She received a BA in Dance from Washington University in St. Louis in 1997, and danced professionally with Kim Olson/Sweet Edge, Cara Reeser's Still Movement Ensemble, the Frequent Flyers Productions, Nosilla Dance Project, Kim Robards Dance, and others in addition to presenting her own choreography with Mariposa Collective, MA Dance, Sephiroth Dance, and Circle Modern Dance.

Experience a restorative movement practice with a focus on mindfulness, connection to breath and the earth, and individual expression where each person’s unique style and abilities are welcome and appreciated. Jeny strives to empower dancers to embrace who they are, cultivate self love and self-respect and respect for others, and to nurture a healthy relationship with movement and their bodies so they can continue to enjoy the many benefits of dance throughout their lives. The class will include elements of Release Technique, Limon technique, Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals, dance improvisation, and Somatic practices. Dancers will enjoy multi-directional movement, exploring their full range of motion, 4 dimensional awareness, efficiency of movement, and moving in and out of the floor with ease, joy, and freedom. This class will provide participants with the opportunity to connect to the earth, their breath, their body, and their community in a safe and welcoming space. All levels of dancers are welcome, and options will be given for more or less experienced dancers.


The Mariposa Collective hosts coLaboratory gatherings to facilitate creative explorations between artists of different disciplines within our community. The goal of these events is to weave the arts community together, building relationships, and inspire collaborations. When the participants arrive for coLabortory, those present decide the format and structure of the event. Depending on who is in attendance, there could be a movement warm up, some theater games, a writing exercise, and then a vocal improv. Each coLaboratory will be unique depending on the gifts of the group. Our next coLaboratory gathering will be Sunday April 7 from 3-5pm at the Boulder Circus Center, and will be a FREE event, thanks to sponsorship from the Boulder Arts Commission! Our very 1st coLaboratory will be co-facilitated by Riley Bartlett, Kim Olson, and Jesse Manno. Riley (Dancer/Writer) is a Mariposa Collective Core Member and teaches English and Writing at CU. Kim (Dancer/Choreographer) is the Artistic Director of Kim Olson/Sweet Edge. Jesse (Musician) is a Multi- instrumentalist, Composer, and Balkan/Middle Eastern Music Specialist. Let's see what we can create!!

This event is funded by a grant from the Boulder Arts Commission, an agency of the Boulder City Council.

Open Arts Share

The Mariposa Collective's Open Arts Share is an opportunity for artists to show their work to other artists and community members in an informal showing designed to inspire connection and collaboration. We welcome artists of all disciplines and look forward to seeing what you are working on!

Our next Open Arts Share Event will be announced soon. Please fill out this form to be included and to receive more information as it becomes available.